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Green Light for Edgemont Senior LIving

The face of Edgemont is changing, with new buidlings, homes, storefronts.  However a community is it's residents, and the character of Edgemont is definitely in it's social Boulevard packed with kids on bikes, teens with slurpies, dogs, coffees to go and gatherings.  I know why many senior homeowners are holding onto their property, because "where would we go" is always in their mind.  Edgemont offers the perfect place to socialize, shop, visit the library and have all medical and dental needs met - all without driving.  The Edgemont Senior Living residence has been approved by District Council.  Though there are definitely two sides to the structure.  Though it allows seniors to stay near, is it too big?  Will it effect the charm of Edgemont?

What about home sales in the area, will they be effected?  Seniors ready to leave their homes have an option to stay in their neighbourhood.  Will we see these properties come to the market?  Will it effect nearby residents who don't want to live beside the structure and noise?


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