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June 2019 - Market News

Source: Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver
Market Stats: Residential Detached 

Written Summary:

North Vancouver: North Vancouver continues to have a decrease in every field. The average price per unit for Residential Detached is down 7% and overall for residential properties is down 2%. Gross sales, units sold and units listed continue to trend downwards year on year. However, Residential Detached units sold went up by 16% this month compared to last year's May.

West Vancouver: Both this month and year to date the units sold and gross sales are up for Residential Detached units. Gross sales have seen a 27% increase this month and 9% year to date. Units sold are up by 47% this month and 18% year to date. On the whole, this year West Vancouver has seen a decrease across the board of all figures other than average price.

Vancouver West: Vancouver West has seen very little if any increase in any field. Year to date Vancouver West has fared better than other areas relative to their previous respective performances. After a few good and bad months this year the overall result to date is a reduction in gross sales of 23%, units listed of 19% and units sold of 6%.

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