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Will Grosvenor Inject Life Back into Ambleside?

West Vancouver Mayor, Michael Smith, feels strongly that "Ambleside is dying, and we need to do something about it”.  Is the Grosvenor development at 1300 Marine Drive the answer, or is it a sign of what is to come to a community in need of change?  Sitting on some of the finest property in North America, residents have expressed concern about the lack of places to walk and congregate.

Personally, I spend a lot of time in the area, taking in the oceanfront, walking and enjoying the community from Ambleside to Dundarave. Families have fantastic play space and sports fields, with the West Vancouver Community Centre a draw from many neighbourhoods, and the new John Lawson area a perfect gathering spot. Though I enjoy the stroll to buy a coffee, fresh fish and vegetables, the boutique shopping areas of Dundarave and Park Royal South are appealing, and new storefronts could bring better options for residents walking to shop, eat or gather through Ambleside.

With the hope of injecting new vibrancy into Ambleside, Council gave first reading to the development bylaws on October 21.  Public open houses are being arranged for Grosvenor's proposed redevelopment of the 1300-block of Marine Drive in West Vancouver, prior to the public hearing which is scheduled for November 21 at the Kay Meek Centre.

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